“Ballerinas in Red” 3rd edition, 2022!

Rules and conditions, data processing agreement, consent for minors and agreement on property rights & photo credits.

PROJECT PROGRESS “Ballerinas in Red” 3rd edition, 2022

"Ballerinas in Red" is one of the first initiatives from a more complex program designed to promote young ballet enthusiasts at the international level.

In its third edition, the project is open to any students of public and private choreography schools as well as professional ballet dancers, or to those who practice ballet only as a hobby.
The theme of the project is red colour! A colour which is associated with passion and joy in Western culture, or with happiness itself, in some Asian cultures! The red colour has to be found in a dominant way in the equipment of the photo subject!


In order to be up to date with the project's progress and to be able to send questions and comments, those interested might request to join the facebook group “Ballerinas in Red”, created by Ballet Magazine.

Also, those interested will have at their disposal the possibility to register in the Whatsapp' group "Ballerinas in Red", phone number +40749 799 561.

For any other express requests, or observations, suggestions, appeals, or any other types of messages, the management team can also be contacted at the official email address of the project, respectively: ballerinasinred@gmail.com.


The registrations and the voting process will be possible starting on May 9, and the last day of registration and voting will be September 5, 2022.

The participants, or their parents/guardians (in the case of minors), will upload themselves, on the online platform dedicated to this project a professional photo, dressed in a study or stage costume; the costume has to be totally or partially in the red colour. 

Participating categories: For enrollment, for all the participants, will be mandatory to select one of the professional categories, respectively:

  • Pre-Professional –respectively children up to the age of 13, considering this age the threshold from which most children choose to make the transition from hobby to professionalism
  • Semi-Professional– respectively children aged between 13 and 18, considering this interval as a period in which the child is already preparing professionally for the profession of ballerina
  • Professional–respectively participants over 18 years of age, considering that after this threshold the ballerina is already trained to take the stage on a professional level

Data required for registration:To access the photo upload module, and to receive the right to enrol photos in the project, it will be necessary to create an account, for which a couple of information will be requested, such as:

  • Participant's name and surname (required)
  • Age of the participant; (mandatory) being necessary at the same time the selection of one of the above categories to which the registration is made (respectively: pre-professional, semi-professional, or professional)
  • Name and surname of parent/guardian, in the case of minors (mandatory)
  • Email address (parent or guardian address for minors)
  • Registration of the FB account for participant or parent/guardian (in the case of minors)
  • The name of the photographer author of the photo (if applicable) and the IDs of the FB / Instagram accounts
  • The name of the ballet school in which the child is preparing and the city of residence will also be requested.
  • City
  • Country


jury prize

The “Ballerinas in Red, 2023” official calendar, by Ballet Magazine, is a Ballet Magazine registered official trademark! The winners of the competition, according with the rules mentioned in the Terms & Conditions, will get the chance to be the official image of one of the months of the 2023 year, in the “Ballerinas in Red, 2023” official calendar.
The month the each of the ballerinas will represent in the calendar will be chosen by the Jury in accord with the Ballet Magazine Facebook & Instagram followers comments! Do follow us to get more chances to be featured for the month that you prefer!
The results will be published on the Ballet Magazine main page at the end of each of the stages of the project! Stay tuned & follow us!
All the competitors get the equal chances to win special & supplementary prizes offered by the project partners along the competition! Stay close to find more about our special prizes! They will be announced on the Ballet Magazine main page! Stay close & follow us for any of the updates made by organizers and jury!

1000 EUR in cash special prize “BALLERINAS IN RED 2022 EDITION” offered to Miss or Mister popularity, the most voted profile in the competition In the light of supporting young ballet dancers, Ballet Magazine and his partners & friends, offer a great 1000 EUR in cash prize for Miss or Mister popularity Ballerinas in Red 2022 edition. Get enroll, share your profile, ask your friends for a vote and get the chance to win the cash prize!

*VERY IMPORTANT! For any cash prizes, the winner has to contact project organizers (by all the emails mentioned above!) and make the proof of identity to the project organizers and partners! There is also mandatory to provide a valid PayPal account for cash transfer!
BE AWARE! The prizes the will not be claimed until December 31 2022, will be canceled!

public prize


Photo gallery: Each of the participants has the possibility to upload 2 photos!

The platform also offers the participants the opportunity to upload also a short video (30 seconds - 3:30 minutes) that participants can use to send a video & voice message to their supporters!

Ballet Magazine will publish all the photo & video materials, and related information, on the website www.balletmagazine.ro

The contestant profile that will register in the contest platform with the most votes from the public will be selected to be included in the calendar "Ballerinas in Red 2023", dedicated to this project. If necessary, Ballet Magazine may decide to print & publish for each of the categories mentioned above (Pre-professional, Semi-professional & Professional) in its own calendar.

Votes can only be given in the participant's profile on the Ballet Magazine contest platform. Therefore only the votes registered on the participant’s profile on the Ballet Magazine platform will be counted at the end of the project.

How to vote : Overview

Voting user account: For the best and fairest possible approach, and in order to avoid possible fraudulent practices, anyone who wants to vote for a competitor profile (photo) will be asked to create a user account on the Ballet Magazine digital platform, by registering with Facebook account.

Voting will be allowed only to those users who will have a valid account. And the valid votes will be only those granted on the website www.balletmagazine.ro

Attention! Votes, comments or other forms of appreciation expressed on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms will NOT be counted when determining the winning profiles!

Any suspicion of fraudulent practice will be verified by the project management team, with the possibility of excluding the potential beneficiary participant from the project.

The voting process's main steps

Within 24 hours the photos will be verified by the Ballet Magazine team. If all the conditions are met and they comply with Ballet Magazine Romania community standards, they will be published. You will receive an email from: ballerinasinred@gmail.com confirming the enrollment.

Attention: please do verify your spam email folder!

Please be aware Ballet Magazine may and will NOT validate & publish any of the profiles that breach the Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs) or don’t follow the Ballet Magazine community standards


In the “Ballerinas in Red” project, the third edition will end on September 9, 2022 .

After centralizing and verifying the voting results, the winners of the project will be announced through an article that will be published on the Ballet Magazine website and on social media accounts.

In the ranking of the number of votes received, the first 12 participants from each of the categories mentioned above (Pre-Professional, Semi-Professional & Professional) will be selected for the next stage of the contest, and will be included in the jury vote! The jury vote stage will start on September 10 and will be closed on September 20. On September 30 the final results will be made public. 

The jury will consist of some of the most preeminent ballet professionals from the Ballet Magazine community next to some of the Ballet Magazine editorial team representatives

In ranking of jury notes granted from 1 (the worst) to 10 (the best), the first 12 photos from all three categories, will be selected to be included in the "Ballerinas in Red, 2023" calendar

Please be aware! If any of the photos submitted do not meet the quality and technical conditions required they might be replaced with the next one selected by the jury.


Ballet Magazine will process the personal data obtained to communicate with you and for good development of the project. These data will be kept during the project in accordance with the laws and regulations in force

We do not use personal data for automated processing or profiling. We never make automatic decisions about you. We will use all the technical measures to store data securely. We do not process data for secondary purposes incompatible with the purposes for which we collected it.

We strictly respect and ensure professional secrecy. We disclose the data only to fulfil your interests or fulfil any of our legal obligations.

You have the right to access, intervene, rectify and port the data you provide to us, and you can limit the processing we perform and even request the deletion of all the information we have stored from you. 

Please let us know your requests, in any way that is reassuring about the identity of the applicant and his / her justification by contacting ballerinasinred@balletmagazine.ro & ballerinasinred@gmail.com.


As a “participant” in the “Ballerinas in Red” project, I declare that I have taken note of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

I have been informed that my personal data, as well as all the information about my minor child, will be processed and stored by Ballet Magazine in order to carry out and promote the above-mentioned project.

I understand and I agree that Ballet Magazine or any third party acting on its behalf or with its permission, may use the personal data submitted to advertise, disseminate directly or indirectly in any print and/or online media channels, in order to promote the project.

I also understand and agree that Ballet Magazine or any third party acting on its behalf or with its permission, may use in any way the photos and information submitted by me, in order to promote young ballet enthusiasts through the “Ballerinas Project in Red ”

I have been informed that my personal data will be communicated, if asked, to public authorities as well as to other competent institutions (for example A.N.A.F., A.N.F.P., I.T.M., A.N.I, at the request of courts or criminal investigation bodies, etc).

Consequently, I give my consent for the processing, transmission and storage of personal data by Ballet Magazine.


If your entry is published, you automatically agree to give Ballet Magazine non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide rights to use your name and the photo(s) in connection with the competition as Ballet Magazine sees fit.

All the photos enrolled in the project may be distributed by the Ballet Magazine team for marketing and advertising purposes by sharing them on any of the electronic channels and social media accounts managed by the magazine.

Also, in order to carry out marketing and advertising actions, photos enrolled in competitions may be used in any other type of printed materials or in electronic format.

You certify and warrant that you hold the rights to grant such permission and agree to hold Ballet Magazine Romania harmless in any disputes that arise out of photo ownership/rights.

Photo copyright remains the property of the contestant even though permission to use the photo is given to Ballet Magazine.

As a “participant” in the “Ballerinas in Red” project, I understand and accept that all the data and photos submitted will be used by Ballet Magazine without any claims (material or otherwise) from me.

I declare that I have all the rights necessary for the free and unrestricted use of the photographs submitted to Ballet Magazine for enrolling in this project, and I am directly responsible for any claims arising from any third parties.

Acceptance of the terms of this Regulation constitutes my express consent and agreement to the use of the photographs submitted for the purposes set out above.

Over 300 photos were submitted by the participants all over the world, over the last 2 editions of the project “Ballerinas in Red”
“Ballerinas in Red” 2020 & 2021 editions have added more than 15.000 followers to the Ballet Magazine's official Facebook page
Close to 75k likes & shares were added by the ballet lovers all over the world to the “Ballerinas in Red” 2020 & 2021 editions
Over 235k new users were added to the Ballet Magazine website over the previous two editions of the “Ballerinas in Red” project
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